Friday, January 27, 2017

Finding Spirit & Guts

Sending a love letter: spirit. Jumping off a cliff: guts. Singing songs around a campfire: spirit. Walking into an adult hip hop dance class on the first day by yourself: guts.

Creating yourself? Falling in love? Well that takes a little bit of both.

What is Spirit & Guts? It's my lifelong goal, my motto, my inspiration.

It all started when I was 14, when I had my first kiss. It started before that but for time's sake we'll start there. I fell in love hard, and slow, and beautifully. I'll save our epic love story for another time, but for today just know that two little souls were divinely brought together. She told him they could stick together. He believed her. He showed her the film Frequency (2000), he told her about Spirit & Guts. It stuck.

When they were apart they reminded each other: S&G. When they were happy, and they were deliriously happy often, they celebrated with S&G.

It has blossomed over the years into this beautiful idea: both Spirit & Guts are required for a satisfyingly passionate life.

And so we seek it, slowly. We skydive (guts), meditate (spirit), and fall deeper in love (both).

S&G is a way of life to us. You'll find its threads woven throughout our stories and epihanies.

May Spirit & Guts forever be growing steadily in your home, your soul, and your relationships is our wish to you.

XOXO Gossip Girl

P.S. I realize this introduction is vague and broad, but S&G must be found personally and explained slowly, just like a friendship blossoms into eternal love.


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    1. Thanks, girl ;) P.S. so happy for you and your little one. He is the cutest!